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Four Pro Studio


From €60/mo. where applicable.

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Four Pro Studio Lightbox for Jewellery


Composed of different parts that can be purchased separately, resulting in a minimum starting investment. The Studio can evolve over time depending on ever changing needs.


Designed to be used by Jewelers and Designers with no prior photography skills. Every function is simplified and no expert knowledge is required.


It can be used with any camera, thanks to different adapters. Some cameras are recommended as for being remote-controllable, with real time preview and immediate transfer of the photo to the PC.

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Only 20 seconds. This is the time required to shoot a finished photo, with white background and without shadows, using our Light Box and Software. Otherwise, using just the Light Box, time increases up to 3/5 minutes per photo.


Thanks to our rotating arm, the system calculates the real size of photographed area, to cut precisely and automatically the photo in real dimension, and after, to print 1:1 scale photos for catalogues.


Customize the photo's style with different backgrounds (some colored background are already in the package) or create a new photographic environment inside the Light Box by inserting cases, cloths, flowers, etc. 


A solution for every pocket.
Photobox for Jewelry Configuration A

Configuration A

It is the best solution to minimize the investment. The Light Box is compatible with any camera. No shadows, completely white background.

Lightbox for Jewellery Configuration Social

Configuration Social

Configuration Social can be used to take photos with any smartphone. The lightbox eliminates shadows and the photos can be shared on social networks in seconds. 

Lightbox for Jewelry Configuration B

Configuration B

Configuration B includes a rotating arm, adapter and macro lens. All of which are compatible with any camera. Complete freedom of movement around the subject. 

Four Pro Studio Lightbox for Jewellery Configuration C

Configuration C

 Easy and fast. Automatic white background, camera preview on PC, and photos finished in few seconds. It is our most sold configuration. 

Four Pro Studio Lightbox for Jewellery Configuration D

Configuration D

 Includes the photo studio and both softwares, for photography and catalogues. It creates printable catalogues, PDF, HTML and video presentation. 

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