ALO Photo Sphere

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ALO Photo Sphere

Find how easy it is to operate with this all-in-one multi independent lighting device.

Change colours, create spotlights with or without shadows. 

This is ALO Photo Sphere.

From €239/mo. where applicable.


Move the subject? No thanks.

Multi Angle Lightbox for Jewelry Photography
Ring Technical View

1. Technical view

Use this position to get a perfect top view of the item so to achieve technical pictures where proportions are consistent and 1:1 actual size.

Ring Perspective View

2. Perspective view

Use this position to get an emotional perspective so that the subject is as if it is on the body.

Ring Front View

3. Front view

Perfect front views just by moving the camera to this position.

Hanging i tems

4. Hanging i tems

Special position for items which are better taken when hung. Thanks to the Smiley © Turntable, it's easy to naturally hang them.

Tilting Camera for Jewelry

Camera tilting function.

Change of perspective.

Thanks to the camera tilting capability it's now possible to photograph and take videos of bigger items, both laying down or standing up.

Spot Light.

Do your own magic.

You will be able to easily change lighting conditions thanks to the external ALO Spot Light © which allows you to create round spots on the subject, thanks to the sphere shape.

Spot Light for Jewelry Photography


From great power comes great responsibility.

Different turntables to get different results.

Matte White Turntable for Jewelry Photgraphy

Matte White

Get a full bodied content with soft or strong shadow thanks to top diffused and spot lights.

Odoo text and image block
Matte Black Turntable for Jewelry Photgraphy

Matte Black

Dramatic black to create various life style contents.

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Transparent Turntable for Jewelry Photgraphy


Automatic white, transparent or custom background has never been so easy and fast.

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Glossy White Turntable for Jewelry Photgraphy

Glossy White

Natural reflection thanks to this white glossy finishing surface.

Odoo text and image block
Glossy Black Turntable for Jewelry Photgraphy

Glossy Black

Emotional contents with an elegant smooth reflection below the item in a gentle black environment.

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Smily Turntable for Jewelry Photgraphy

Smiley © Table

Hang earrings or necklaces on this prop so that they can be captured in their most natural position. It works in cooperation with the camera tilting function.

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Translucent Turntable for Jewelry Photography


Let the bottom light lighten up the whole turntable to make it all white and suitable for taking top and perspective views of the subject in no time.

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Blinded by the Lights.

Take control of your Scene.

You will be able to totally control the lights thanks to our new optional Electronic Light Control System ©. No compromises.

With the new release of ALO Photo Scan 6 you can dimmer lights at your will without any kind of electrical interference. You can define light profiles and select them back whenever you need.


Double Speed.

Optimise your Time.

Thanks to our new optional Speed Controller ©, you will be able to position ALO Photo Sphere in a rush, while enjoying smooth movements during video recordings.

ALO Photo Scan 6 will make use of the right speed whenever it's needed, optimising positioning times and increase the productivity for the every day working routine. A strategical function which allows to store shooting templates and greatly increase photo consistency.

Express yourself

"You were not born to live like brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge."

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Get it done

"If you give them the right tools, they'll do wonderful things."

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